Hydromodul Ltd.

Hydrologic and drainage Engineers

We are offering design and execution of projects in the areas of hydrology,
drainage and roads development.

The company specializes in providing effective engineering solutions, starting with the analysis, design and planning stages, and up to the implementation and execution stage. We also have the expertise in the analysis of an existing state and examining future influences of the areas of surface runoff and drainage, incorporating various approaches to surface runoff management.

The company carries out planning and holding of surface runoff, drainage and roads as well as supervision of the execution of the above. The planning is performed at all levels – from the principle design and down to the detailed planning and professional consulting.

Hydromodul was established in 1989 (30 years ago) by Shmuel Polack,
and today it is owned by
Dr. (Eng.) Elazar Bamberger.


Protection plan of the Ashkelon coastal Cliff/Precipice

Protection plan of the Ashkelon coastal Cliff/Precipice

The coastal cliff along the shores of Israel is eroding and drifts eastbound.
The project included an analyses of the determining causes for erosion and planning of a protective array.

Sorek-Lachish master plan

Sorek-Lachish master plan

Putting in place a comprehensive master plan for Nahal Sorek and Nahal Lachish (streams/rivers), while providing engineering and statistical modeling analyses and recommendations.

Road 38 between Kibbutz Beit-Guvrin and Sha’ar ha-Gai

Road 38 between Kibbutz Beit-Guvrin and Sha’ar ha-Gai

The project included planning of the road’s drainage system (27 Kilometers long): bridges, water culverts, drainage systems.

Among our customers

Our proposition

Planning and consulting in hydrologic/agricultural engineering – for green & ecological/sustainable projects and for renewable energy ventures


Performing of a hydrologic survey towards a project planning, existing drainage system study and description

Master plans

Drainage plans and hydrologic surveys are performed by our office on a regional scale and on a municipal-settlement scale

Consulting, control and oversight

Professional consulting and oversight services to projects, monitoring and control of plans and supervision of other executing parties

Exemplary Reference

A.Gafni engineering and management Ltd.

“Our office had liaised professionally for many years with Hydromodul. Project planning are performed professionally, while meticulously delivering the highest level for each drainage component design. We hereby express our satisfaction from the service level of Hydromodul. The projects handled by the office are performed at a good professional level and at a good service level. Recently the office has been providing preliminary detailed planning of the northern industrial zone of Kfar-Saba, for an area of some  600,000 sq. meters.

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